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Environmental Benefits of a Shipping Container Home

Recycling Shipping Containers

The average shipping container can travel thousands of miles all over the world, during their lifespan. When shipping containers are well maintained there is no reason that it cannot last for well over a decade.

Less Concrete and Cement

When you build a structure from recycled shipping containers, there is no need to use as much concrete or cement. The only concrete that you will need will be for the foundations, and the amount required will all depend on the size of the structure that you are looking to build.

Shipping Container Building Blocks

When it comes to designing environmentally friendly homes using shipping containers, you can consider them as building blocks, putting them together just as you would with children’s building blocks.

Shipping Containers

Are Container Homes Hurricane Proof?

Whether a single unit, or multiple units connected, shipping containers can withstand 100 Mph winds if placed on a foundation, or 175 Mph winds when anchored down with pylons.

Since they are used to transport goods across the oceans, they are also built to be waterproof. 

Placing it on a foundation, especially one raised significantly off the ground, will help to keep standing water or wind-driven rain from entering your home.

Shipping Containers
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