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Community Homeownership Incentive Program (CHIP)  Up to 100% funding available in Jacksonville, FL

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
HomeReady and HomePossible
Fannie 97 Freddie HomeOne
FHA, Veteran, USDA Rural Development

The Container Home Acquisition Program by CHSC offers a customer-centric and flexible pathway to rental or home ownership.

Customer Qualification:

  • Well-Qualified Customers:

    • Optional Financial Literacy Class for interested individuals.

    • Streamlined process for those well-qualified.

  • Customers Needing Financial Literacy:

    • Financial Literacy Class Required 

    • For Customers with Credit Concerns

    • Credit Score from 300-600

    • Mandatory 5 day financial literacy class.

    • Seamless integration of financial literacy into CHSC programs.

Phase 1: Program Introduction

  • Introduction to rental and ownership options.

Phase 2: Application Process

  • Guided application submission.

  • Simple documentation requirements.

Phase 3: Credit Check

  • Significance of credit check in the home acquisition process with bank. 

  • Continuous customer communication during the credit check.

Phase 4: Financial Literacy Class (For Eligible Customers)

  • Overview of the 5 day financial literacy class.

  • Interactive learning environment.

Phase 5: Bank Approval Process for Homeownership

  • Collaborative process with CHSC partner banks.  

Phase 6: Connection to CHSC Realtor

  • Introduction to CHSC realtor partners.

Phase 7: Home Acquisition

  • Final steps before rental or  homeownership.

  • Explanation of agreement terms.

  • Warm welcome to the CHSC homeownership community. 

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